AI hamster
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Hotels & Restaurants - Customer Reviews

AI hamster provides hotels and restaurants with analysis and reporting of artificial intelligence categorized customer reviews from the most relevant review websites.


Because you want to...
  • Automatically categorize lots of online documents within seconds
  • Stay informed about developments in a specific field
  • Focus on particular reviews without reading thousands of opinions
  • Categorize automatically social media postings via sentiment analysis
  • Save time & money


  • All topics, you tell us, we deliver

  • Businesses of any branch who would like to monitor the internet for defined topics
  • Scientists who would like to be informed about the latest developments in their research field
  • All professionals who want to get meaningful news and information from the web

  • Electronic agents periodically run web searches and parse websites for topics you define
  • The results are fed into custom trained artificial neural networks, which filter the relevant information
  • Only relevant information is reported back to you on the schedule you define
  • No user intervention is required

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